Frequently Asked Questions

Question - Is this the same event that was held at Dixons Muzzleloading Shop?
Answer - NO.  It is a group of Non-Profit organizations dedicated to bringing together artisans and crafts people to promote muzzleloading through seminars, living history demonstration and other educationally based programs.

Question - Will this be a yearly event?
Answer - YES - It is our intent to make this an annual event.

Question - Will the seminars that they held at Dixons continue?
Answer - YES - seminars will be continued.  see "Seminars" page for more info.

Question - Will the accouterments judging be continuing?
Answer - YES - Both the Rifle and Accouterments judging will be continuing.  See the "Gunmakers" and "Accouterments" tabs under the "Judging" tab for more information

Question - Can I bring my camper to the Gunmakers Fair and camp for the weekend?
Answer - There is very limited camping on site and is only available for participating event volunteers
and vendors.  Please visit the Accommodations page for a list of area campgrounds, bed & breakfasts, motels and hotels

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